About the name privacyIDEA

Looking for some more details about privacyIDEA?

When thinking about how to do two factor authentication, it comes into your mind, that factors like fingerprint, retina scan, face or even gait recognition are cool and hip, but also have a major drawback.

Imagine a service where you enrolled a second factor like face recognition. Cool – you just put your face in front of the camera, enter your password and you are in. But how do you trust this service. It is not possible to throw away your credentials – your authentication device. Technically we would say, it is not possible to revoke the authentication “device” – your face. You will live with your face all your life and the service will be able to recognize your face all your life and everywhere.

If this service get compromized or is not trustworthy – other services could use your face, fingerprint, gate… to identitfy you. Everywhere.

We are longing for more privacy in the authentication!

Nevertheless we are doing authentication and talking of user IDs.

The system privacyIDEA does not only provide means to authenticate but also simple means to do authorization and it provides a detailed audit trail. Authentication, authorization and audit are known as AAA or 3A, contributing the last two letters of the name.

We want to secure your ID – as far as your user account is concerned and

we want to protect your ID – as far as your personal life is concerned.