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privacyIDEA Talk at FOSDEM – MFA enrollment for thousands of users

You want to use two factor authentication for all your users? But you are always wondering how you should enroll an authentication device to every single of your users? Existing solutions do not provide convenient ways to equip thousands of users easily with a second factor? Using automated processes with a REST API and an […]

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privacyIDEA going FOSDEM

We are happy to announce that the privacyIDEA project will have a stand at FOSDEM 2018. privacyIDEA acts as the central authentication system for two factor authentication in your network. Other applications can be connected to privacyIDEA to improve their login security. These applications can connect using standard protocols like PAM, RADIUS, SAML or LDAP. […]

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Most flexible two factor authentication – handling your events!

privacyIDEA comes with a great feature: The event handling framework. So learn more about the unlimited power of the event handling framework and how to use its flexibility to get a privacyIDEA setup, which fits your needs. Event Handling Framework When speaking of software or products the term “framework” might raise a connotation of “you have […]

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2FA Workshop at tuebix

We are at Tübix 2017 and doing a workshop about adding a 2nd Factor to your applications. If you can not attend or if you want to try this at home afterwards, here is what we will do! Setup ucs.tuebix.intranet (LDAP) Univention Corporate Server 4.2 privacyidea.tuebix.intranet, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS wordpress.tuebix.intranet, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS […]

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privacyIDEA at Open Source Event Chemnitzer Linuxtage

Get involved! In March we will have a booth at the Chemnitzer Linuxtage (March 11th and 12th). Chemnitzer Linuxtage is the biggest yearly Linux event in Germany with about 3000 visitors. At the booth we will have a demo installation of privacyIDEA, different token types like Yubikeys, U2F devices, Nitrokeys or OTP-Tokens and Cards to present […]

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privacyIDEA 2.16 – better notification – more secure

Today we released just on schedule the version 2.16 of privacyIDEA. Event Handler Framework The event handler framework is great. It is used by a lot of people to adapt their workflows. So we enhanced the UserNotification module. It comes with a lot of new conditions and can send notifications to tokenowners or administrators. You […]

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privacyIDEA will be at OpenRheinRuhr 2016

The flexible and modular two factor authentication system privacyIDEA will be a the open source conference OpenRheinRuhr 2016.   Come and get involved and learn about the latest news and developments in the project privacyIDEA.

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Enterprise 2FA on Nextcloud with privacyIDEA

Cornelius will give a workshop to add privacyIDEA App to Nextcloud to secure the login process at Nextcloud with a 2nd factor. This will occur at the Nextcloud conference in Berlin in September. Since the 2nd factors can be managed within privacyIDEA, these can also be used throughout the complete network or your whole company. […]

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privacyIDEA talk at kielux

There will be a privacyIDEA talk in German language in Kiel on September, 16th. Kielux is a small Linux and Opensource conference in the very northern part of Germany. There are several talks, workshops and also a small exhibition. So come a listen, what is new in privacyIDEA and how you can e.g. use the […]

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privacyIDEA talk at ownCloud contributor conference

Cornelius will give a talk at the ownCloud contributor conference in Berlin on September 11th. Authentication at ownCloud has gone a long way. In version 9.1 finally a new API was introduced to add a second factor. Although the problem is still, that authentication can not be completely passed to the external authentication system. The […]

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Old events


October, 23rd-25th 2015 / Berlin, Germany

On the Ubucon in Berlin, there will be again a workshop for installing privacyIDEA.

Kielux – Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage

September, 18th and 19th / Kiel, Germany

privacyIDEA was at Kielux at the exhibition.


June, 13th 2015 / Tübingen, Germany

There will be a workshop for installing privacyIDEA and enrolling your own Yubikey. See the German program.

TYPO3Camp Stuttgart

May, 8th-10th 2015 / Stuttgart, Germany

Cornelius will be at the TYPO3 Camp in Stuttgart. He gave a session about two factor authentication with privacyIDEA at TYPO3.

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage

March, 21st-22nd 2015 / Chemnitz, Germany

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2015 - 21. und 22. März 2015

In the Linux Live area you can visit the Stand about privacyIDEA. On sunday you can listen to a talk about SSH key management with privacyIDEA.

The talk is online.

Univention Summit

January, 15th 2015 / Bremen, Germany

The NetKnights will be at the Univention Summit 2015 and will show an installation of privacyIDEA integrated with Windows Client and Univention Corporate Server.


November, 8th-9th 2014 / Oberhausen, Germany

privacyIDEA will be an exhibitor at the ORR, a fair and conference about Free and Open Source software.


October, 17th-19th 2014 / Katlenburg, Germany

Cornelius will give a talk about privacyIDEA and LUKS at the German Ubucon the German Ubuntu conference.

Kieler Linuxtage

September, 19th-20th 2014 / Kieler Innovations- und Technologiezentrum, Germany

We will have a stand and a talk at the Kieler Linuxtage.

The talk “distributed two factor authentication with LUKS” is available on youtube (german)

Datenspuren 2014

September, 13th-14th 2014 / Dresden, Germany

Cornelius will give a Talk at the pivacy conference “Datenspuren” in Dresden.

The slides are available in German: 2014_Datenspuren-Identität-gewährleisten-private-Daten-schützen

and is available on Youtube.


August, 23rd-24th 2014 / Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany

We will have a stand at the FrOSCon to show you what is hot and answer any questions.



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