GitHub-Mark-64px     You can get the code at github

python-logo    or at the Pyhton package index.

launchpad-logo   privacyIDEA is also available as debian package for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS in a launchpad ppa.

openlogo-nd-75    privacyIDEA is available as debian package for Debian Wheezy. This package installs a virtualenv to /opt/privacyidea.

ubuntu-logo32  This howto describes the setup of privacyIDEA on Ubuntu including automatic updates. You can also download a ready installed privacyIDEA virtual image. Download it and put it into your KVM environment. Note: You should not run this productively, since it contains unchanged private keys!

centos-symbolNetKnights provides a repository for CentOS 7 packages to install privacyIDEA quickly and easily on CentOS. The CentOS repository is part of their SLA.

Logo_UCS_certifiedYou can install privacyIDEA on the Univention Corporate Server from the Univention App Center. You can also get a ready made virtual appliance based on UCS to get you up and running in a few minutes.