Most flexible two factor authentication – handling your events!

privacyIDEA comes with a great feature: The event handling framework. So learn more about the unlimited power of the event handling framework and how to use its flexibility to get a privacyIDEA setup, which fits your needs. Event Handling Framework When speaking of software or products the term “framework” might raise […]

privacyIDEA 2.19.1

The Enterprise Release 2.19.1 was published to the repositories today. 2.19.1 is a bugfixing release of privacyIDEA 2.19. The following changes were made in 2.19.1: Minor enhancements: Add “pi-manage policy load” and “pi-manage policy export”. (#721) Allow customization via pi.cfg file. Add {username} and {realm} as tags for the tokenhandler. […]

Is it really faster? Measuring the performance of authentication requests

Some days ago, we released the new version 2.19 of the privacyIDEA authentication system. As explained in the release notes, we worked on improving the performance of authentication requests and managed to reduce the time needed to handle one authentication request by up to 71%! If such claims make you […]