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The web UI can be translated into different languages. The system determines
the preferred language of you browser and displays the web UI accordingly.
At the moment “en” and “de” are available.

The translation is performed using grunt. To setup the translation
environment do:

npm update -g npm
# install grunt cli in system
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
# install grunt in project directory
npm install grunt --save-dev
# Install grunt gettext plugin
npm install grunt-angular-gettext --save-dev

This will create a subdirectory node_modules.

If you want to add a new language like Spanish do:

cd po
msginit -l es
cd ..
grunt nggettext_extract
msgmerge po/es.po po/template.pot > po/tmp.po; mv po/tmp.po po/es.po

Now you can start translating with your preferred tool::

poedit po/es.po

Please ask to add this translation to the Make directive translation or issue a pull request.