privacyIDEA project room at FrOSCon 2019

We are happy to inform you that we have a project room at FrOSCon on August 12th.

A whole day with the topic of open source two factor authentication allows us to discuss even more complicated things. We refrained from giving single talk. Because we do not only want to pass information to you, but we also want to get your feedback from you, from the community, how privacyIDEA could develop further.

Please note, that the talks are denoted in German, since the vast majority of the audience is still German speaking. But please do not hesitate to join, if you are English speaking. We are happy to switch to English whereever necessary.

privacyIDEA developers discussing new 2FA features at FrOSCon.

There are some examples of the topics in the project room:

A user story, how privacyIDEA is used at the home network to integrate with FreeIPA, Kolab, OpenVPN and much more.

We discuss, how we can redesign the Web UI to allow for new tasks, workflows and better user experiences.

A workshop, how you can add two factor authentication to your own project using privacyIDEA.

We discuss, how privacyIDEA can become a smartcard management system.

We are looking forward to you joining the day in project room, either for only one slot or for a longer time period. Or simply stop by and say hi!