Google Summer of Code 2019 Ideas

This is work in progress!

There are several areas where students can work during Google summer of code. Basically this are our compontents:

privacyIDEA Server

The privacyIDEA server is the core component. It runs as a WSGI python application in Apache or NGinx. We have several ideas for new features.

You can either take a look at github or here are some top level ideas:

  • Think about a cool new token type! What about FIDO2, Smartcards, biomentrics (why, how)…
  • Design a new WebUI, which looks more like a dashboard.
  • We could improve monitoring modules. Currently we are writing statistics data to the SQL database. But writing to a time series database would be great.


Applications use the two factor authentication of privacyIDEA usually by adding a plugin.

There are a lot of plugins available like for ownCloud, OTRS, dokuwiki… To get an idea see the list of the plugins.

Interesting new plugins could be

  • Keycloak
  • Some other OAuth2 service

privacyIDEA Credential Provider for Windows

Somehow the privacyIDEA Credential Provider is also some kind of Plugin.

If Open Source on Windows with C and C++/C# is your thing, you should take a look at this. There are a lot of things to improve. One thing that pops into our mind is finally adding offline functionality.

Smartphone Apps

There is a privacyIDEA Authenticator App for Android and iOS. Here are some ideas, how these apps can be improved:

  • Backups with privacyIDEA
  • A theming platform for the Apps. A user could upload his own images to this platform and a new APK will be built in the background.