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privacyIDEA 2.0 released

Today we released privacyIDEA 2.0. privacyIDEA 2.0 is a migration and rewrite to Flask and AngularJS. The old privacyIDEA was based on the pylons web framework, which was not actively maintained for a while anymore, which also lead to some version conflicts. Using Flask now makes privacyIDEA a lightweight installation […]

Version 2 in master branch

The migration process is well. Today I merged the version2 branch to the master branch. So go an visit the github repo. Check out privacyIDEA 2.0(dev) like this: git clone cd privacyidea virtualenv venv source venv/bin/activate pip install -r requirements.txt ./ createdb ./ addadmin admin@localhost admin ./ runserver If […]