privacyIDEA 2.0 released

Today we released privacyIDEA 2.0.

privacyIDEA 2.0 is a migration and rewrite to Flask and AngularJS.

The old privacyIDEA was based on the pylons web framework, which was not actively maintained for a while anymore, which also lead to some version conflicts. Using Flask now makes privacyIDEA a lightweight installation with a cleaner design. AngularJS is used for the WebUI which is implemented as a single page application. The two way data binding of AngularJS provides a rapid development on the UI side.

The internal code structure is hopefully kept clean. As an example there are unit tests for all levels of the code, which run on their own. The policies which were woven into the code very deeply in version 1.5 are now implemented using decorators. Thus the original functions stay clean from policies and the policies just wrap the original functionality but leave the code untouched.

The Changelog looks like this:

  • Migrate privacyIDEA to Flask Web framework
  • The WebUI was migrated to bootstrap and angularJS
  • The database model was restructered to allow an easier handling and programming
  • Use the tool to migrate old data
  • Provide ubuntu packages for privacyidea base package and privacyidea-apache2 and privacyidea-nginx
  • Provide tool to manage the installation and create new admins.
  • Policies are restructured. Internally the policies now use decorators to have a minimum code impact. No all policies are migrated, yet.
  • OCRA token and Email token is not migrated, yet.

privacyIDEA is available at the python package index and as ready made packages for Ubuntu 14.04LTS. The way to install these is described in the online documentation.

Take a glimpse at privacyIDEA 2.0 in this video or see the demo site.

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