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Bug in passOnNoUser policy allows arbitrary authentication

A bug in the passOnNoUser policy allows authentication with an arbitrary password. Affected version: up to privacyIDEA 2.11.2 Propability: Medium Security Severity: High Technical Background The passOnNoUser policy is supposed to check if an authenticating user exists. If the user exists, normal authentication is performed. If the user does not exist in the user […]

A bug in policy module prevents authenticating with serial number in 2.6

A bug in the policy module prevents authenticating with a serial number. Affected version: privacyIDEA 2.6 Propability: High Security Severity: Low Technical Background privacyIDEA allows to authenticate with a username or a token serial number. I.e. the API can do a POST /validate/check user=username pass=PIN+OTP or a POST /validate/check serial=serialnumber […]