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privacyIDEA 2.22 with a more flexible RADIUS integration

With privacyIDEA 2.22 we added the possibility to pass more useful userinformation to a RADIUS client like a VPN. The administrator can add a policy to include the resolver and the realm of a user who authenticated successfully. This response data can then be used in the FreeRADIUS plugin and modified by regular expressions to add any arbitrary RADIUS attribute in the RADIUS response, which then would be sent to the VPN. This additional information can be used by Cisco ASA, Citrix Netscaler or any other enterprise grade VPN to put the user into certain subnets or to assign resource to the user.

privacyIDEA User Survey

privacyIDEA is an authentication system that should suite your needs. So it makes sense, that we ask you, what you need! Of course there is the community forum and the github repository, where you could write questions and issues. I know that it is sometimes easier to click answers. This […]