More flexible 2FA at ownCloud with U2F, Email, SMS and other Challenge Response

Today we released the ownCloud App version 2.5.1. This plugin connects ownCloud to privacyIDEA adding enterprise 2FA to your ownCloud.

privacyIDEA supports a lot of different token types to provide 2FA for the user. This can be keyfob tokens or Smartphone Apps but also authentication mechanisms that work with a challenge/response workflow like Email, SMS or U2F.

The version 2.5.1 of the privacyIDEA ownCloud app improves the challenge/response authentication when logging in to ownCloud. A user can now have several different challenge/response tokens, an Email, an SMS and/or a U2F device. The privacyIDEA ownCloud app will handle this correctly and allow the user to either authenticate with the code from an SMS or with his U2F device.

A complete changelog can be found here at Github.

The privacyIDEA ownCloud app is also available via the ownCloud Marketplace.