Data Privacy Day with privacyIDEA

Today is the Data Privacy Day. In Europe it is called Data Protection Day.

Data Privacy Day

This day is foremost ment to sensitize companies and users to take care when handling with private data. Especially in social media. But you can not devide your social life from your work life. Many attacks may start in social networks and end up in the heart of the company where the original victim is employed.

This is why you should protect information, that can be used to initiate attacks. This can be personal information, that only you and your personal contacts know, addresses (Read this very interesting story), dates, usernames and of course any hints to passwords.

Data Privacy with privacyIDEA

door-1089560_640The job of privacyIDEA is to keep the data in your organization safe. privacyIDEA does this by introducing a second factor for authentication. Credentials for any account gained from social engineering in social networks or phishing will not get the attacker in. If you are using a hardware second factor like a Yubikey or a Smartdisplayer OTP card the classic cracker is in a mess, since he would have to get out and perform a real life action like stealing the hardware possession.

When using privacyIDEA it respects your privacy. privacyIDEA is 100% Open Source and 100% Back door free. This way you can know every second what the system is doing and all your data and all your authentication decisions belong to you!

Also do Encryption

An additional measure to protect your data is encryption. To get help with authentication and encryption you may ask the company NetKnights.

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