OTP Workshop at TÜBIX

In Tübingen, Germany will be a new Linuxtag – called Tübix. It is the first time that this event is conducted. The location and the program seems to be very interesting.

Cornelius will do a workshop there about installing privacyIDEA, enrolling tokens and authenticating at SSH. You should get an IDEA how easy it is to protect your private data and authenticate with two factors. Especially with a second factor that is totally under your control and not issued to you by any need-to-trust-me “authority” or “vendor”.

Therefor each attendee will get his own Yubikey, which he can initialized so that the cryptographic key material is only know to YOU. And you only.

You can also hear a lightning talk about the concept of locking your desktop with your smartphone but with an additional challenge response mechanism, which is more trustworthy then just a simple bluetooth coupling.

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