privacyIDEA 2.16.1

We released a patch release 2.16.1 to the Python package index. Everyone running privacyIDEA via a pip install can update.

privacyIDEA relies on the Python module ldap3, which is a great module to connect to LDAP and also do redundancy via a server pool and strategies like round robin.

Your pip installation might have updated the ldap3 module to version 2.x, which was not completely compatible with privacyIDEA anymore. This resulted in errors like pending timeouts and users which would not be fetch with the uidtype objectGUID (with Active Directory) anymore.

Thus you either should run

pip install ldap3==1.4.0

to downgrade the ldap3 module to version 1.4.0.

But I recommend to update privacyIDEA to version 2.16.1 and running ldap3 2.1.x.

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