privacyIDEA at OpenRheinRuhr. Hands On.

privacyIDEA was at the OpenRheinRuhr on November 7/8, 2015 and I conducted a workshop about privacyIDEA.

This year I thought of something special for the privacyIDEA booth. Many people were always wondering: “what is privacyIDEA?”

“Is it a firewall?”, “Is it a VPN?”, “Where do I need to install it?”

The network setup

So I came up with the idea of a magnetic whiteboard to setup the network just in front of their own eyes.

I built some computers with two network interfaces, capable of acting as a router.

Computer manufacturing

To easily connect the computers to each other, I needed a special kind of most flexible network cable. I bought 5 meters.

5 meters of “network flex cable”

The booth setup

So this year the booth looked a bit different.

The privacyIDEA booth at OpenRheinRuhr

Having the flipchart with magnets with little stickers on them with “privacyIDEA”, “FreeRADIUS”, “LDAP”, “MySQL”, “TokenDB”… helped a lot to explain the concept and possible setups to all interested visitors. I definitively will pull this thing again!

The workshop

Yes. I had a wood workshop in preparation for the OpenRheinRuhr. But we also had a workshop on sunday about setting up and configuring privacyIDEA.

We were able to enroll different token types to the users and add two factor authentication to our SSH login. And we also did offline OTP to authenticate to the Linux machine.



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