New release 2.5, Translation, Statistics, PinHandler

Today we released privacyIDEA 2.5.

The Web UI translated to German.


The first important new features is, that it adds German translation to the Web UI. We are using gettext, so that it is easy to add translations to any other language. If you need other languages or if you want to translate to another language, drop us a note.


Another new main feature is, that you can now see some statistics like

  • Authentication requests per user (successful and failed),
  • Authentication requests per token (successful and failed),
  • Failed authentication requests per token,
  • Failed authentication requests per user,
  • Management requests,
  • Token usage.
Statistics about successful and failed authentications.

This way you can easily see, which user generated the most failed authentication requests during the last day, week or month. You can see, which tokens are used most often…

If you have any further ideas about using the statistics, drop us a note on the mailing list or at github.

Pin Handler

We added a hook for a PinHandler. You can choose to create a random OTP PIN during token enrollment. This way the administrator will not know the OTP PIN of the token. You can add a PinHandler python module, that can process this random, secret PIN and send the PIN via Email, SMS or print a sealed letter, that will be sent to the user.

…and more

In addition we added the possibility to create an automated restructed text documentation, which can be used to document the system state after setting up privacyIDEA.

A plugin for ownCloud was added and you can find a howto here.

When enrolling an Email- or an SMS-token the email address and the mobile phone number are presetted from the user store.

LDAP binds in LDAP resolvers can now be configured anonymously.

When enrolling HOTP or TOTP tokens with a QR Code, the hash algorithm is added ti the QR Code.


  • Fix registration token
  • Fix mOTP reuse problem

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