privacyIDEA 1.3 released

Just now we released privacyIDEA 1.3. You can get it at pypi, via github or via launchpad.

  • Daplug donlge in keyboard mode is now supported, thus added one more token, that can be initialized and where you do not need to rely on the secrets of the vendor.
  • Worked on the machine-app functionality:
    • Added a MachineUser database model
    • Improved the enrollment of the authentication items
    • inactive tokens will now be ignoried/removed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the login of the administrator, when the realmbox was displayed.
  • Added about dialog
  • Added recommends for MySQL and salt
  • PEP8 beautifying

We also release a new version of the privacyIDEA admin client.

We improved the command line interface, change the tons of confusing parameters to commands and subcommands. The is a bash completion, that makes it even easiert to use and all parameters can be put into a config file, which makes automation simpler.

Please note: The command line client “privacyideaadm” still exists. The new client is simply called “privacyidea”.

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