privacyIDEA 1.3.2 released

privayIDEA “appliance”

Today we released privacyIDEA 1.3.2. Get it via pypi, github or launchpad.

These new features where introduced:

  • Add uwsgi and nginx configuration.
  • Add nginx ubuntu package.
  • Add ubuntu meta packages to easily install radius dependencies.
  • Add package for appliance
  • Add privacyidea-otrs and remove the authmodules from the core package

Thus you now have packages like privacyidea-appliance, privacyidea-nginx and privacyidea-radius, privacyidea-otrs on the launchpad repo to easily install privacyidea in a kind of appliance way, with nginx or to only install the RADIUS modules OTRS module for privacyidea.

Moreover the following minor things were done:

  • Add appliance configuration tool: privacyidea-setup-tui
  • Add first implementation of Token2 token type
  • Add missing SSL certificate
  • Add missing python-dialog dependency
  • Remove pylons download link, that caused timeout problems.



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