privacyIDEA 2.11: Easy migration with RADIUS policy

Today we released privacyIDEA 2.11. You can download privacyIDEA from Github, install it from the python package index or via the launchpad repository on Ubuntu 14.04.

Updating an Ubuntu installation from launchpad works out of the box. When updating a pip installation, please note that a new database table was added.

OTP system migration

Migrate proprietary OTP systems

privacyIDEA now helps you to migrate an old 3rd party installation to privacyIDEA. To do so the new RADIUS passthru policy was added. privacyIDEA can pass all authentication requests for users without a token to the defined RADIUS server. This way you can migrate tokens smoothly and run your old system and your new privacyIDEA side by side until you have removed all old tokens or moved all users and tokens to privacyIDEA.

LDAP Improvements

The LDAP received some nice improvements. It can now handle special characters like é and ß in the username and the password reliably. With Active Directory in Windows 2012 you can now use the objectGUID as the UID in the LDAP resolver.

We now use paged searched when retrieving user lists. This way you can get really all users in the LDAP directory.


You can find a complete changelog at github.