Tine 2.0 with two factor support using privacyIDEA

Tine 2.0 Integration

Tine 2.0 is a groupware and CRM which is available as open source and Enterprise Edition. Last weekend I met some guys from tine 2.0 in Kiel at the local Linux and open source conference. We again talked about two factor authentication and then we used a time slot to do a spontaneous workshop. I explained the easy authentication API of privacyIDEA. You can find it in the online documentation of readthedocs. After all it boils down to one simple ajax call. All other logic is handled within privacyIDEA.

After only half an hour the first stub was running. By the end of the afternoon everything was fine, mocked and tested!

This shows, that if you take some time to read the REST API, adding two factor authentication to your own application is easy as pie!

Secure your own Application

privacyIDEA is already integrated into many applications like TYPO3, WordPress, OTRS, ownCloud, Nextcloud, Contao, dokuwiki and Tine 2.0. Be the next one to increase security and implement 2FA securely and easy with privacyIDEA!

If you want to integrate privacyIDEA into your application and have any questions, join the gitter.im chat or the Google group.

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