privacyIDEA 2.12 is delayed – Event Handling Framework

As you might have realized we planned privacyIDEA Release 2.12 for these days. But due to several reasons it is delayed.

We found a nasty bug this week, which required our attention.

Support for Nitrokey

The open hardware pyhsical authentication device: Nitrokey (source:
The open hardware pyhsical authentication device: Nitrokey (source:

We are talking a lot to Nitrokey, since it is a great idea to combine transparent, open source authentication software with open authentication hardware like the Nitrokey Pro. As you can see in the ticket, this idea is around for quite a while. But to do an easy enrollment we need some high level function in the just upcoming libnitrokey. This is not as straightforward as wished. If you are an experienced C/C++ and Python programmer, you are welcome to contact me and assist!

Finally a simple feature request which we decided to put into 2.12 turned out to be an interesting concept, when designing and implementing it in a flexible way.

Event Handling Framework

We could send an email to a user, if an administrator modified his token. But which modifications, how and why? Thinking about it resulted in a more flexible concept, of an event handling framework, where you can define rule, which should happen in which occasion under which condition. Different event handler module will be able to enhance the possible actions in response to events.

Finally we have done the database model and are just working on the base class and the decorator. We will come up with the user notification on modified user tokens.

But therefor we need to push the release data accordingly.