privacyIDEA admin client 1.4

We released privacyIDEA admin client version 1.4.

It comes with a cute zshell completion which gives you information on commands and subcommands and parameters:

cornelius@puckel ~/src/privacyideaadm (git)-[master] % privacyidea token init – type                                                
completing token type
dpw                   – Daily changing password
email                 – email token
hmac                  – HOTP token, event based
pw                    – Password token
sms                   – SMS token
spass                 – Simple pass token
ssh                   – SSH key token
totp                  – TOTP token, time based
yubico                – Yubico token in the Yubico AES mode

and provides a new tool


to issue test validation request to the server or can be used to monitor the system.

It can be downloaded from github, the pyhton package index or the PPA repository.

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